Oh no, there goes….San Francisco


Was that Godzilla suit created JUST for that NIKE commercial? It’s way too expressive and good looking to have just been made for charles barkley to dunk over

It was, it was made specifically for that commercial.


The fact that an Iris Archwell trophy exists in Super Smash Bros 3DS makes me VERY happy.


The Father, the Son, and the Holy Climbers bless you, our dog child. Go forth, and have fun with this thing.


Angry Video Game Nerd VS. Nostalgia Critic in super smash bros 3DS


"We live in America. Anything is possible. I love living American life."


Don’t cross blonde Tommy Wiseau.


Johnny gives out sound advice.


'Aight guys, decided to make one of these too!

I decided to split up my ‘roster’ into five mains, six secondaries, and five "definitely want to learn to use" characters. Characters I’m particularly hyped for are Link (because of his MUCH NEEDED upgrades in this game, he’s a KO-machine) and Megaman (he’s so different from other characters, which I dig.) Also excited to have my previous mains Captain Falcon, Bowser (who ALSO got a sick upgrade), and Ganondorf (sword moves?! Holy shit bruh.) back as well! 

Whatchu’ guys think? 

Also, here’s a link to the site where you too can make a Smash-mains-roster: